Colored Pencil for the Serious Beginner
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A sophisticated primer that blends colored pencil techniques
with timeless art principles.

A book rich with colorful drawings, illustrations, and clearly presented demonstrations by Borgeson. Its concepts and artwork will provide new respect for this exciting medium. And for those aiming at a fulfilling career in fine art or illustration it also includes some straight talk about managing and living a life in art.

The Colored Pencil, Revised Edition 
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This edition continues to provide the most authoritative and detailed technical instruction available anywhere on the basic use of colored pencils. 

With elegant techniques and clear step-by-step illustrations by Borgeson and other successful artists this classic, landmark book leads beginning as well as more advanced artists to greater skill in this modern medium.

Over 155,000 copies sold.

"Bet Borgeson...has combined technical prowess, writing skills and fundamentals of color theory into a book that is a tour de force of the field... The book invites and stimulates the reader to realize the rich potential available through colored pencil drawing."

--Gordon W. Gilkey, Curator, Retired, Prints and Drawings,
Portland [Oregon] Art Museum

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Basic Colored Pencil Techniques
Now available in Kindle Format

Dispels myths about this medium requiring endless weeks of tedious deep layering to complete a drawing.

The premise of this book is to integrate fast working and time saving methods with standard layering techniques while preserving the nuance-filled color mixtures for which this medium is best known.

Pencil Drawing Techniques

This classic book is not a basic primer on drawing, but instead a fascinating collection of successful working techniques by six best-selling authors including Bet Borgeson. 

Color Drawing Workshop
40 Lessons and 40 Imaginative Assignments and Projects
(Especially recommended for art teachers)

Divided into five parts:

The Color/Drawing Partnership
Drawing With a Colorist Approach
Handling Texture and Surface
Drawing With Wet Media
Developing a Critical Eye

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Writing With Pictures:
How to Write and Illustrate Children's Books

by Uri Shulevitz

This enduring classic, first printed in 1985, offers basic and inspiring instruction on both writing and illustrating books for children. Author Uri Shulevitz details how pictures can communicate the action of a story and how words can evoke images. For the artist contemplating both writing and illustrating (or just writing or just illustrating) a children's book this is an indispensible guide. It is also an important resource for anyone interested in conveying fiction or non-fiction through pictures and words together.

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The Artist's Complete Guide to

by William L. Maughan

In this book illustrator and fine artist William L. Maughan provides authoritative instruction in using the technique of chiaroscuro, or light and shade, to model form. Its focus is on the head but this centuries-old technique may be applied to any element where a striking and effective three-dimensional effect is desired. Highly recommended as a best source for this invaluable technique.


Vision and Art:
The Biology of Seeing

by Margaret Livingstone
Foreword by David Hubel

Why do Claude Monet's fields of flowers seem to wave in the breeze?  What is the secret of Mona-Lisa's smile?

Drawing on history and her own cutting-edge discoveries, Harvard neurobiologist Margaret Livingstone explains how the amazing, almost unbelievable inner workings of human vision works. By bridging the space between science and art, this book will equip artists with new, fascinating techniques they can use in their own artwork. 


Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters

Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters
by Robert Beverly Hale

Invaluable for all artists regardless of skill level or medium, Hale explains underlying art principles and practices used in 100 master drawings. In our time the term "master teacher" is often over-used, but Robert Beverly Hale was truly an authentic master during the last half of the 20th Century. An impressive classical draftsman himself, he taught drawing and anatomy courses at the Art Students League of NY and at Columbia University. He was curator of American Painting and Sculpture at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and an author of fiction and poetry for The New Yorker magazine. In addition to guiding many nationally and internationally recognized artists, his lasting legacy is this book.

Each section (of seven) begins with an essay about specific art concepts, followed by a master drawing accompanied by a brilliant analysis of the principles, techniques and practices used in it. Every unit is valuable, but "Unit Three - Light and Planes," may be life-changing for anyone drawing or painting realistically or representationally--regardless of genre.

Drawing People:
How to Portray the clothed figure -- Now Available in Kindle Format

by Barbara Bradley

Authoritative. Comprehensive. Barbara Bradley begins with such figure drawing fundamentals as proportion, perspective and value, and includes art principles specifically related to figure drawing, including heads and hands.

The second part of Bradley's book is devoted to drawing the clothed figure stressing the importance of rendering fabric folds correctly. Her emphasis on how fabric works on the human form is often overlooked in books on figure drawing and may propel this book to classic status. Highly recommended for Bradley's valuable expertise and genial voice in its writing. Over 600 black and white illustrations.

The Art Spirit
by Robert Henri

85th Anniversary Edition

A new edition of Robert Henri's revered art classic (originally published in 1923) is now presented in a larger and easier to read format, and with an updated and reconsidered index.

This book states the essential beliefs and theories of a great American teacher and artist. While it embodies the entire system of his teaching, with much technical advice and critical comment for the student, it also contains inspiring prose on every page.This is a book that you will refer to when you feel the need to be among others of your kind--with the artistic kinship that flows through these pages.

"I would give anything to have come by this book years ago. It is in my opinion comparable only to the notes of Leonardo and Sir Joshua...One of the finest voices which express the philosophy of modern men in painting."
-- George Bellows

Drawing Wildlife by J.C. Amberlyn

On every page of this book J.C Amberlyn reveals a spirited affection for wildlife of all kinds. Her expert instruction in various drawing media is generous and inspiring. The Mule deer on cover was drawn with seven Prismacolor pencils.

Aimed at all skill levels Amberlyn covers basic animal anatomy, body details and how these parts differ from species to species.  Her expertise with animal coats and fur throughout this book is eye opening.  She also provides insight into building form and figuring proportions and how to handle negative space, contrast, reflected light and much more.

After a thorough introduction Amberlyn provides lively step-by-step demonstrations and mini-demonstrations in still poses and in action.  Beautifully put together there are 300 drawings and 60 species of wildlife covered (and indexed). 192 pages. Recommended for artists and naturalists.

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Mastering Composition:

Techniques and principles to dramatically improve your painting

by Ian Roberts

Studying composition may conjure up masterworks overlaid with triangles, arrows, accompanied with arcane explanations.  But not here.  Author Ian Roberts makes fascinating sense of all this on every single page. His bristling expertise and brilliant artwork inspires beginners seeking a hand-hold in a too often elusive subject. For other artists wanting to refine compositional skills this book may be essential reading
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Ian Roberts Book

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